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Side Design Pet Portrait

regular price$28.00
Free shipping to mainland Spain

Number of pets
Choose the format

Discover the magic of our personalized dog and cat paintings with the SIDE design, which captures the unique essence of your pets in an exceptional animal portrait.

Our team of talented artists specializes in creating custom drawings that transform your beloved companions into true works of art. With the SIDE design, every detail of your pet comes to life, from her expressive eyes to her playful features.

Our personalized paintings of dogs and cats are the perfect choice for those animal lovers who want to immortalize their faithful friends in a unique and special way. Whether decorating your home or giving as a gift to someone special, these animal portraits are a lovely way to honor the love and connection you share with your pets.

Let our expert artists capture the essence of your pets and transform your favorite photo into a personalized painting that will make you smile every time you see it. Don't wait any longer to acquire a unique portrait of your beloved dogs or cats with the SIDE design!

We have a wide variety of options to customize your portrait:

  • Five different formats: digital file, printed sheet, white frame, black frame and oak frame.
  • Three different sizes: 21x30, 30x40 or 40x50.
  • Six shades in neutral colors that provide a picturesque elegance to the background.
  • Five fonts to customize the text inside the box that highlights your pet.


Once you place the order, we will send you a sample in 2 to 3 days to your email for approval of the portrait. Once you give us the approval, we will prepare the shipment and send it to you.

Times once you give OK:

  • "Digital file". When you buy the digital file you are purchasing the design that we send by email so that you can print it, so once you give the approval it will arrive to you in less than 12 hours.


  • "Plate and frame." These two items are sent by the transport agency (GLS). Once we have the OK, it is printed the next day and sent in two days from the OK. The standard service has shipping times of 2 to 3 days from when it is picked up.


* Urgent Service - We have this design and delivery service
which has the characteristics of 24-hour design and 14-hour service that would arrive before 2:00 p.m. 2 days after giving the OK. This service has an increase of €4.95 (VAT included) that will be added to the order.

The Urgent service will not be active for the following periods (Holy Week and the period from July 21 to August 19) 

* All these times described, both for design and shipping, refer to working days from Monday to Friday. Shipping costs to mainland Spain are FREE.

The shipping cost to the Balearic Islands is €13.95.

*For the Canary Islands we recommend the "Digital File" product since it does not have physical shipping.

For international shipments, the cost of the service will be calculated once you fill out the information before finalizing the order.

* During Christmas and Easter, shipments may take 7 to 10 business days.

* In the month of August, shipments made from July 21 to August 19 will be served from August 21.


 MascoZoom is not responsible if the means of transport do not comply with the contracted service or due to strikes in the transport sector.

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Posibilidad de paquete regalo y tarjeta personalizada en productos láminas y marcos



Mayor número de opiniones 5 estrellas verificadas por clientes



Envío de muestra del dibujo para el visto bueno antes del envío final



Opción de servicio 24 horas para los envios urgentes


Algunos ejemplos

Perro posando con su retrato
Perro posando con su retrato
Perro sentado al lado de su cuadro
Gato mirando su retrato
Perro al lado de su dibujo
Gato al lado de su dibujo
Conejo con su retrato

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Revisiones ilimitadas del retrato

Nuestra principal meta es garantizar la satisfacción de todos nuestros clientes. Por ello, ofrecemos revisiones ilimitadas del diseño de los retratos,  hasta que el cliente quede completamente satisfecho de su obra de arte.

Mejor valoración de clientes  del mercado

Contamos con la más alta calificación en reseñas positivas en el mercado español, resultado de un arduo esfuerzo. Nuestra atención al cliente y la calidad de nuestros productos son los elementos clave que nos distinguen.

Soporte de ayuda con rápida respuesta

Entendemos la importancia del tiempo, por eso nos enorgullece responder a todas las consultas que tengan nuestros clientes en menos de 15 minutos tan

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Elige las opciones

Selecciona las opciones que más te gusten, formato, tamaño, colores, diseños, tipo de letra, etc...

Cuadro pintado por mascozoom

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