Tips to calm hyperactive cats

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It has already been proven actively and passively that having a cat as a pet is a benefit for our health. Although, if you are here, looking for tips to calm hyperactive cats, probably your perception of “beneficial for health” has begun to change.

If your cat won't stop still for a second, has started biting everything and everyone, digs its nails everywhere, jumps on the curtains, door frames or runs away for no reason, you have a cat hyperactive.

 And since we know that sometimes it can be exhausting to keep up with them, we have prepared in the form of an article tips to calm hyperactive cats.

Guidelines and tips to calm hyperactive cats

If your cat is still a baby, you should know that if he has been separated from his mother before 12 weeks of age he is predisposed to being hyperactive. Since, by cutting that maternal bond, they do not receive attention on an affective and emotional level.

It is important to create that emotional bond that he has lost with his mother to give him a lot of affection, keep him busy and that we play a lot with him.

Another point that can mark your cat's hyperactivity is his breed. Siamese cats or Oriental cat tend to be more active. Nothing that cannot relieve extra doses of patience and attention, to keep that cat hyperactivity under control.

Tips to survive a hyperactive cat

 We give the following advice knowing that not all cats are docile and affectionate. Felines are by nature, independent and self-proclaimed kings of the universe.

 If yours is one of those who likes to be held, when hyperactivity is on the surface, caress him, try to lay him on your knees and massage him. The moments of affection will make you forget about the rush of energy.

 Likewise, it's not all mimes. Play with him a lot, keep him busy so he sleeps at night. Remember that cats are nocturnal animals.

 If after playing with him he still doesn't sleep at night and doesn't stop meowing, play him music. It is true that music tames beasts and many cats are relieved by soft music at a low level or by listening to external sounds. That will make them not feel alone.

Calm hyperactivity when we are away

Surely you have already experienced coming home and finding some damage. You can avoid this by creating a space free of damage from a hyperactive cat (whenever possible) where the cat can find its water, food and cat toys. Everything always happens through exercise. to keep you entertained.

 We cannot fail to mention that in many cases parasites such as worms are the culprits of cat hyperactivity. Therefore, we recommend consulting your veterinarian and ensuring treatment if he has them, or the certainty that he is clean of them.

 To finish, we cannot fail to mention that heat in cats is also a reason for nervous behavior.

 We hope these tips can help you manage those moments of hyperactivity in your cat.

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