Tips for having an aquarium at home


Tips for having an aquarium at home

Who hasn't been amazed as a child looking at the fish tanks in pet stores?

Having fish can be a super simple process, but one with great responsibility. It is not true what many think, “if fish have clean water, they take care of themselves.”

Fish need us to know their needs and keep their aquarium in the best conditions so they can survive.

Having an aquarium at home is a wonderful experience. If we have children at home, we will be inviting them to develop interest in the marine world.


The best tips for having an aquarium at home

Choosing the size is one of the most important points, you must always choose it according to the place where it will be installed.

For beginner aquariums, the best is one of 20 to 40 liters or smaller.

You will even find smaller aquariums, such as those that are portable and are used mostly for homes where there are children. How to decide the size?

Therefore, the type of aquarium you select must be according to the place where you will place it, matching size and weight. The aquarium that you can place in the living room is not the same as in a bedroom.


Aquarium Equipment: Does It Matter?

There are those who think that to have fish you only need an aquarium, water and fish. And they couldn't be more wrong.

For a good quality of life for the fish inside the aquarium and the maintenance of the aquarium itself, you will need:

  • air pumps
  • Heaters
  • Thermometers
  • Substrate and gravel
  • Lightning

Everything inside the aquarium has its function.

    How do you set up an aquarium?

    • Choose a safe and resistant place.
    • Clean and disinfect the aquarium before filling it
    • Clean the substrate well and distribute it equitably. The amounts of substrate must be based on the amount of water and size of the aquarium.
    • Introduce the decorative elements. Don't overcrowd it, fish need space to swim.
    • Install the pumps, filters, thermostats and external lighting without turning it on until you fill the aquarium.
    • Fill the tank. It is advisable to use a bottom plate so that when the water begins to fall, the force does not open a space within the substrate and gravel, until it is half full. Once full, connect all the equipment and let it rest for at least 2 weeks before introducing the fish.
    • Add bacteria to the water and let it sit before introducing the fish.
    • After the recommended time, it is time to give life to your aquarium by adding fish.


    How to maintain an aquarium?

    • For proper maintenance, follow these tips:
    • The water should be changed periodically. The recommendation is to change 30% of the water every week.
    • Use products to control the chlorine level and pH of the water.
    • Wash the substrate and gravel at least once a month and the filters weekly.
    • Every month the water in the fish aquarium should be completely changed.

    If this is the first time you have an aquarium at home, we hope you enjoy the entire process, just as we have done by giving you these tips.