How do we prepare at home for the arrival of a puppy?



Bringing a puppy home is not only important for the family members, it is also important in the dog's life. He will have to adapt overnight to a new family, a new home and a new routine. For him, leaving the nest where he was born where he was with his mother or siblings will not be easy, that is why it is important How we prepare at home for the arrival of a puppy.

Getting everything you need to make your arrival at our house as comfortable as possible is just the beginning.

So… How do we prepare at home for the arrival of a puppy?

When we decide adopt a puppy We are deciding to open the doors to a new member of the family. From that moment on, we can add one more date to the birthday calendar.

We will see each other choosing at Christmas personalized pet gifts, choosing in vacation places pet friendly and, even if we say no at first, we will never nap on the couch alone again. And since we know that from the moment we make the decision to bring a puppy home, it becomes another member of the family, we bring you some tips so that the process of adapting the puppy at home, and yours to it, be as simple as possible.

Create a space for the puppy.

Depending on his size, get him a dog bed, rug or a cushion, forget about wicker baskets or similar; a puppy will love to bite it and that can be dangerous.

Next to what will be his bed, get him pots of food and water, and above all puppy toys. If month-old puppies have something, it is energy to spend.

If you need the first few days to remain in the space provided for him, there are alternatives; cages or dog parks. You can find them in specialized pet accessory stores.

As for toys; buy him special toys for puppies. They will love to gnaw on everything they find. Not all toys are good. Some are made with materials that can be toxic if swallowed.

Let him explore, he has to get to know his new house.

The moment he gets home, take him to his corner, let him sniff everything you have for him.

Regardless of the breed of dog you adopt, and regardless of whether the house is large, small or with a garden, let him sniff the house, share time with each member of the family, and recognize you as part of his “new pack.” . If in the middle of his exploration he starts to break certain rules, you have to correct him by raising your voice with a No! resounding. The change in tone in your voice will make you deviate from what you are doing, you will understand that you should not do that.

Respect their space

Once you are familiar with your space, the house, your gifts for puppies, his bed or feeder, do not bother him if you see him resting in the place you have prepared for him.

We know that when there are children at home it is difficult to complete this step, but it is important that the puppy learns that the space that you prepared with enthusiasm for him is his rest area.

Also, when it comes to relieving yourself and once you have the first vaccinations for puppies a day, try to take him out at the same time to teach him a routine. If it is not possible for you, there are special pads for puppies, who will help you with this entire process.

Finally, and as the last tips, start preparing an exercise plan. The puppy will need physical activity, you don't want him to let off steam inside the house.

We are convinced that these tips on How we prepare at home for the arrival of a puppy, will help you in this adventure that is, opening the doors of home to what will be our best friend.