Adopting a pet is a great responsibility


Responsible pet adoption

For some animal lovers Like us, the word “buy” when it comes to animals is uncomfortable for us. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go for the responsible pet adoption is 100% fulfilled and therefore, there is still a long way to go before the indiscriminate sale of puppies ceases to exist, with what that implies and what we will talk about in this article.

There are very sad figures regarding animals that are exploited for breeding and sale and that end up in shelters, or animal associations, being the best of cases. Abandoned or sacrificed being the worst.

Therefore, with shelters and associations filled to the brim with animals that need a home, don't buy, adopt.

There responsible adoption It will give the opportunity to live in a home as part of the family to an animal that has spent years waiting for you. Also, by adopting, we are standing up to the illegal and fraudulent breeding of pets.

How can you be part of responsible pet adoption?

The first step to raise awareness about responsible pet adoption It involves understanding that the animal we buy in stores, or in many cases from individuals, comes from a traumatic process.

The mothers of these puppies are put through a constant process of being pregnant and giving birth. When they reach the physical state of not being able to give more puppies or when one of them has a problem, they are sacrificed.

Second step; just don't buy. Go to one of the hundreds of animal associations that exist in Spain and that daily rescue abandoned animals, and learn about the animals that need a home.

If you still haven't finished taking the step, you can always be a foster home O temporary home for a pet.

This will allow you to answer the question of whether you really want to have a animal companion, before making the decision.

What are the advantages of adopting a pet from a shelter?

For the most part, the dogs that we can find in the animal shelters or associations They are adults. This assures us that before adoption they will already be chipped and vaccinated.

With the adoption of an adult dogFor the most part, you'll be able to forget about the destructive puppy days. You will keep your new pair of sneakers intact, or the corners of your furniture, the cables of your chargers, etc.

Adult dogs already have their personality marked, so it will be easier for you to find a four-legged friend that fits you. At most, you will only have to go through a period of adaptation. As we mentioned before, many of these animals can spend years in a kennel or from house to house.

Advice if you decide to adopt an adult dog

Unfortunately, as we mentioned before, many of these dogs have traumas or fears caused by the situation of abandonment and by spending years locked in the same room.

Therefore, be patient and do not try to overwhelm him with all the rules of your house right away. Start by teaching him that there, with you, he is safe.

The walks must be short. Don't let him off the leash for a while. They are often anxious and confused. Put an identification tag on it with your information in case something happens.

Without a doubt, we can assure you that adopting a pet from a shelter or similar will always be a rewarding experience.