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¿Cómo prevenir y eliminar las garrapatas?

¿Cómo prevenir y eliminar las garrapatas?

Los perros son conocidos por ser los mejores amigos del hombre, y como dueños responsables, debemos velar por su bienestar en todas las etapas de su vida...

Nov 08, 2023 
chica con perro frente al sol

Ways to remember your pets

Pets occupy a special place in our hearts, filling our lives with love, joy and unforgettable moments. When the time comes to say goodbye to...

Sep 08, 2023 
retrato de gato en un marco blanco

Your cat portrait with Mascozoom

If you want to have your cats in boxes  like the works of art that they are, at Mascozoom we are specialists in capturing the essence of your pet. Felines are...

May 18, 2023 
Retrato mascota personalizado con chica enseñando cuadro de su perro

Custom pet portrait on Mascozoom

Have you ever wanted a picture of your pet? Do you have the cutest dog in the world and you want to have your pet in portrait? If you want to get pet illustrations,...

May 17, 2023 
haciendo una foto a un perro

How can I calm my pets during a photo shoot?

Photo sessions with our pets can be special and fun moments to capture lasting memories. However,...

May 12, 2023 
perro curioso con signos de interrogación

5 curious things about dogs

Dogs are one of the most popular pets around the world. They are loyal, friendly and often become family members. But...

Mar 03, 2023 
conejo doméstico en casa con un niño

Have a domestic rabbit at home

Having a rabbit at home is a decision that entails many responsibilities and special requirements, but it can also be an experience...

Mar 01, 2023 
niña en la playa abrazando a su perro

What are the benefits of having a dog as a pet?

In the early stages of development, children are sponges who never tire of absorbing knowledge. At an early age, children...

Sep 26, 2022 
acuario con peces discos

Tips for having an aquarium at home

Who hasn't been amazed as a child looking at the fish tanks in pet stores?...

Sep 21, 2021 
perro vacunándose contra el parvovirus canino

What is canine parvovirus?

Parvovirus is a serious and potentially lethal infectious viral disease. Therefore, if you have any suspicion, it is essential to go...

Jul 26, 2021 
muchos gatos saliendo de la pared

Tips to calm hyperactive cats

It has already been proven actively and passively that having a cat as a pet it is a benefit for our health. Although, if you're here, looking for tips...

May 18, 2021 
llegada de dos cachorros de perro

How do we prepare at home for the arrival of a puppy?

Depending on his size, get him a dog bed, rug, or cushion , forget about wicker baskets or similar; to a puppy...

May 02, 2021 
familia con su perro adoptado

Adopting a pet is a great responsibility

Responsible pet adoption For animal lovers like us, the word “buy” when it comes to animals

Apr 25, 2021